About Ark Organization

Ark Organization is an Executive Search & Life Connector Firm helping our clients, consultants, and our own internal team seek WHY.

WHY do our our executive clients exist, WHY do the things they do everyday, WHY does anyone pay attention to them; Finally, WHY should their own employees and client’s care?

There are leaders and there are those WHO LEAD. Those who lead INSPIRE. It is our belief and vision we must inspire the leaders of our future to innovate and create tomorrow’s world to be a better world then we found it by connecting professionals who want to make a difference with with those organizations who believe their employees are the difference. Empowering your WHY to inspire somebody everyday in the the golden circle of trust.

The Ark Organization family thrives in a functional and cultural environment comprised of over 60 years of experience. Our close connection and relationship based approach offers a rewarding process, inspires or re inspires every department through the power of touch.

Ark Organization’s scalable network offers a grass roots consultative approach designed to meet our clients needs through relationship based consultation. We facilitate long-term business development by cultivating strong business partnerships with selective organizations.

Our niche focus is on concept, early stage, to mid stage firms, who aspire more than just capital for growth. If you are a technology company confident in yourself, your people people, product, and or service, Ark Organization, LLC will inspire you beyond your wildest dreams.

Our service offering is designed around each clients unique needs.

-Consulting- Leverage Ark Organization’s team of recruiting and HR specialists on a retainer basis or consultation basis so you remain in control without radical changes to your business plans.

-Solution Based Services- Your team will benefit from Ark Organization via Strategic Business Change, Organizational Performance, Change, Management, Change Readiness, Business Readiness, and Business Transformation.

-Executive Coaching- Leverage 60+ years of experience with our ultra specialized Executive Recruitment, Human Resources, and industry expert consultants

-Venture Capital Funding- Ark Organization offers a hybrid Angel/Institutional Investment suite of opportunities for a select few. The Ark Organization, LLC. Organization platform provides a unique brand of support like no other. Our Investors are well healed, seasoned, and mature private investors with a proven successful track record. Our VC team ha a strict focus of bleeding edge technology & IT companies. Start up or struggling, small to mid sized companies will realize the most benefit.


Executive Level Recruitment Change Management, Online Marketing, Interactive Mobile Strategy Consulting, Mobile Device Platform’s Front End/BackEnd, Application Development, Web 2.0, Social Media Integration, UI, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Add Revenue Generation for Video & Print, Design, architecture technology solutions vs applications, mobile campaigns, GeoInformation Technology, Engineering, Marketing & Creative Niche Services